12 June 2013

Windows 8 is marmite!

Windows 8 always makes me think of the analogy of marmite: “you either love it or hate it!”.

The lack of love for Microsoft’s latest Operating platform is all too clear to see. Just read most comment sections in most Windows 8 related posts and it is all clear to see just how much some people really hate it.

To add a bit of balance, there are those enthralled by the Windows 8 UI, and the use of simple iconography and clear grid layout.

Personally I like what they have done in regards to Windows Mobile. I think that the UI really works in that environment. It is when that same UI is translated to the desktop is where I have a few objections.

Windows 8 works perfectly for tablets. After all the main driving interaction is touch, which Windows 8 is clearly made for.

There has been a great push towards touch screen laptops to fully exploit this new operating system. But the over emphasis on touch becomes more questionable when coming from a work productivity perspective.

If I am at work and require the use of only a few programs and shortcuts to those programs, the whole Start screen of Windows 8 becomes less and less relevant. Why would I need live tiles, apart from notifications that I have a new email, or solely shortcuts to apps?

Microsoft have been quite vocal in the number of activations for Windows 8 to date. But these claims have been shot down, by the fact that many activations are from people doing so and then subsequently downgrading (it is questionable whether it is indeed a downgrade – to windows 7).

There is a lot of talk about the future is touch, that may be so. But the future will also be movement and gestures in mid-air. Whether this is by using mid-air arm or hand based gestures (as in the case of devices like Microsofts Kinnect) or whether through some sort of holdable device (like the Nintendo Wii).

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12 June 2013


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