Playstation Network Down!

As experienced by many other people, the Playstation network has been down since wednesday. Meaning that many games, in particular those that only offer an online experience are practically useless.
The Playstation Network was taken down because of an external intrusion (many point to people looking for retribution against Sony serving legal notices to those who hacked the Sony firmware). What makes the attack worse is the timing. The Easter break where many people have time off work, and planned to spend some of it playing with friends and family.
With increasing talk of moving everything to cloud computing – where everything is accessed from a central hub on the internet. Just imagine if you couldn’t access your own personal computer files, or open important documents? Similarly to when Googlemail a few months back went down, which affected a lot of businesses who use the Googlemail service; who could no longer send, receive or access their mail.
Just shows that with every new technological development there is always a downside.

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