Windows 8 is marmite!

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Windows 8 always makes me think of the analogy of marmite: "you either love it or hate it!". The lack of love for Microsoft's latest Operating platform is all too clear to see. Just read most comment sections in most Windows 8 related posts and it is all clear to see just how much some people ...

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Google Web Lab at the Science Museum, London 2013

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Google Web Lab at the Science Museum, London

So I went with a bunch of fellow UX peeps over to the Science Museum in London to check out the Google Web Labs experiment. After wandering slightly aimlessly trying to find the exhibit - weirdly past a childrens play area in the basement - we entered the dark the domain that was the Google ...

Jack Daniels Christmas Tree

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Jack Daniels christmas tree Covent Garden

Working with Windows Phone 8

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The Grid (I know... sounds very tron like)! So Windows Phone 8. It's new, follows on the heals of the Windows 8 release. But the question is how much do you know to design for Windows Phone 8? Is it the same as Windows Phone 7? So I started a project designing an app for Windows ...

And my next phone will be…

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So I have been using a HTC Desire HD for almost 2 years (christmas will be two years). In its heyday it was a powerful handset, but now despite having a 1ghz processor, the inability of HTC to offer an upgrade beyond Gingerbread has hastened the countdown of me upgrading to a new phone. So which ...