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Windows 8 is marmite!

Windows 8 always makes me think of the analogy of marmite: “you either love it or hate it!”. The lack of love for Microsoft’s latest Operating platform is all too clear to see. Just read most comment sections in most Windows 8 related posts and it is all clear to see just how much some […]

Google Web Lab at the Science Museum, London 2013

So I went with a bunch of fellow UX peeps over to the Science Museum in London to check out the Google Web Labs experiment. After wandering slightly aimlessly trying to find the exhibit – weirdly past a childrens play area in the basement – we entered the dark the domain that was the Google […]

Working with Windows Phone 8

The Grid (I know… sounds very tron like)! So Windows Phone 8. It’s new, follows on the heals of the Windows 8 release. But the question is how much do you know to design for Windows Phone 8? Is it the same as Windows Phone 7? So I started a project designing an app for […]

And my next phone will be…

So I have been using a HTC Desire HD for almost 2 years (christmas will be two years). In its heyday it was a powerful handset, but now despite having a 1ghz processor, the inability of HTC to offer an upgrade beyond Gingerbread has hastened the countdown of me upgrading to a new phone. So […]

Lego Star Wars Orchestra

Darth Vader fancies a spot of conducting!

“RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us”

A cool and informative video on what actually motivates us… and hand-drawn too! I knew there was a reason to why I have kept on learning the guitar 🙂

Playstation Network Down!

As experienced by many other people, the Playstation network has been down since wednesday. Meaning that many games, in particular those that only offer an online experience are practically useless. The Playstation Network was taken down because of an external intrusion (many point to people looking for retribution against Sony serving legal notices to those […]

Microsofts IE9 gathers pace

There was a lot of noise coming from the Microsoft camp when Internet Explorer 8 was launched. But the fact that it was soon announced that Microsoft was to start developing IE9 pretty much confirmed that IE8 wasn’t really as good as it should have been. So what was Microsofts main improvements for IE9 There are […]

Accessibility in the world of Web 2.0

The internet is constantly changing, which is why the the WCAG 1.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) have finally been updated to WCAG 2.0. This version takes into account the ever-increasing changes in the technology used on the web. There has been two main developments in recent years that have had a significant impact on web accessibility. The first […]