And my next phone will be…

So I have been using a HTC Desire HD for almost 2 years (christmas will be two years). In its heyday it was a powerful handset, but now despite having a 1ghz processor, the inability of HTC to offer an upgrade beyond Gingerbread has hastened the countdown of me upgrading to a new phone.

So which phone do I want next?

My initial thoughts were to get a Galaxy S3, but I was somewhat underwhelmed when the phone was released, despite all the prelaunch hype. Plus the available colours were not very appealing to me.

So then my attention turned to the iPhone 5, would something revolutionary be launched? And once again, I was left disappointed. Having never owned an iPhone, if I chose to get into bed with Apple, then I would most likely go with an iPhone 4S. The price hike for the iPhone 5 just doesn’t seem justified in my opinion.

What about HTC?

Well, for starters it is a whopper in size. People complained that the HTC desire HD with a 4.3inch screen was too large when it first launched. A few years later and now a 4.8inch screen is acceptable. Funny how opinions and views change over time! I think what took the HTC One X out of the running was its whopper screen and bad battery life. I’ve spent 2 years having to charge my phone on most days, and to be honest am tired of having to do it. Watching the battery zip away every time I am using the screen is a tad depressing.

So what now?

Well, don’t know to be honest! I guess I could wait for the next round of androids handsets, or maybe try a Windows 8 phone. Will keep you posted on what I decide. In terms of what I do as a profession, the lack of an iPhone is somewhat an achilles heal, as I haven’t really experienced the whole iPhone experience, so makes it more of a challenge to design for it. But then again the same could be said about not having a Windows 8 phone in the future. So potentially I could end up having 3 new phones!

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