Web designer, artist, amateur photographer and general creative

As a Web Designer and Front-End Developer, I have worked Agency side within the Cultural and Creative Arts sector, the Financial and Insurance Sector and on projects for major UK and global brands.

A Conversion and User Experience Design specialist, who understands how to build SEO and Accessible websites.

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Web Design and Front-End Development

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Windows 8 is marmite!

Windows 8 always makes me think of the analogy of marmite: "you either love it or hate it!". The lack of love for Microsoft's latest Operating platform is all too clear to see. Just read most comment sections in most … Continue reading

Google Web Lab at the Science Museum, London 2013

So I went with a bunch of fellow UX peeps over to the Science Museum in London to check out the Google Web Labs experiment. After wandering slightly aimlessly trying to find the exhibit - weirdly past a childrens play … Continue reading

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